I will never miss out on taking a pic of a juvenile volitan’s lionfish. Volitans are adorable at this size and utterly elegant with their elongate fin rays. However, they are still venomous and rather large growing predators that will swallow anything that fits in their mouth.

Spoiler alert, that mouth can open far wider than it looks.

As seen at Tropiquarium in Ocean, NJ (http://tropiquarium.net/)


Tankbusters - INJAF

Awesome article on “tankbusters” - fish that outgrow pretty much anything but the most specialized of home aquaria.

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Share a Halloween e-card with your friends! Meet our spooky stars, from goblin sharks to ghost shrimp. 


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Assorted sps frags experiencing brief natural sunlight exposure in the coral lab.


Police investigate attempted sharknapping! | News | Practical Fishkeeping

What the frig?

My Grams used to take me to Gumbo Limbo all the time when I was a little girl. She only lived about five miles away, so we would go up when we were bored or looking for something different to do.


Thank you, OP.

As a snake owner, I get this….. all the time, despite the fact that my ball python is a relatively smaller snake (*Harley’s a male and right in the 36” range) and that he feeds exclusively on frozen foods.

Harlequin or Harley walked into my life on the shoulders of a serviceman who popped into the petshop I worked at. His owner was shipping out in a week and had spent the better part of two months before his deployment looking for a home for Harley. It was a sadly common story for our shop at the time (*we weren’t far from a major base). All of the area reptile rescues claimed to be too full at the time. We were also full at the time. However, my ex had stopped in for a visit and fell in love with Harley at first sight, volunteering a tank I had in dry storage.

The serviceman looked so downright grateful that I couldn’t say no. Darn my squishy heart, but this is how I became a snake owner. This was 9 years ago this September.

The first two or three years were the hardest. Harley refused to eat pre-kill/frozen no matter what tricks I tried. I hated feeding live and all the risks/ethics issues that go along with it. It took forever to wean him off live foods. During that time, I learned the hard way to be discreet about picking up live foods. Other pet shop customers would absolutely lose their minds when they realized what the cute little rodents in my little, blue Critter Cage were for.

Occasionally, even discretion failed. I would get shamed and mocked for Harley. Some customers got downright nasty and almost aggressive about it. I always tried to write it off, recalling that our instinctive fear and hatred of snakes has kept our us safe from venomous snakes for centuries. That doesn’t make it easy.

One day, I lost it when a woman told me I was a “horrible human being.”

I snapped. I let it out. All of it. I told her where Harley came from. I told her about how desperate Harley’s previous owner was to find his clearly beloved pet a good home. I told her about how ashamed I still was that I never got his contact information, never got a chance to tell him how awesome Harley is and about the life I try to give his pet. I told her about how I still wonder if that young man is still alive or not.

People can be ugly.

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Poison dart frogs! I know it sounds crazy, but I always wanted one…. or two…. or tons. They tend to lose their toxicity in captivity due to the diet.


Sunset over a spartina field.

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Creature Feature: Largetooth Sawfish

This week’s creature feature introduces you to the prehistoric sawfish—an animal that’s been roaming our waters since the Cretaceous period!

Whenever I see sawfish, especially videos of them using that rostrum, all I can think about is Tucker from Red vs Blue.

"My sword? F*ck yeah, I know how to use it. What’s to understand about swish, swish, stab?"

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